Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mme Valadon et moi

Today I moved into the lovely apartment of Mme Valadon. It is a humble apartment despite the chic district. It is very old Paris with antique-y furniture etc. It's very pleasant and museum like. I have a nice room that's a good size with a desk, boudoir, and 4 drawers. It's the perfect size. There is another American here living as well. Her name is Hannah and she's from San Diego. She's friendly and we went on a walk together to explore a little.
Mme Valadon is an interesting lady. She speaks a little English but uses it sparingly so as to help me learn. She made me lunch today when I arrived after showing me the Saturday morning market. She made a shredded carrot, basil, and vinegar salad. It was followed by a fried piece of chicken with cheese in the middle which may or may not have been taken out of a box. We also had bread and cheese, and fruit for dessert. The only rules of the house are as followed:
1. Do not answer the door.
2. Do not answer the phone.
3. If asked, tell neighbors we live with her and nothing else.
4. No guests.
5. Lock everything when leaving.
Also we are to inform her if we will not be returning to the house or if we will be going somewhere out of town. Understandable. She corrected my note that I left and gave me a plug thing. I like her, but she makes me nurvus. Nurvus.
Don't forget about me. I don't want her to be my real family....


Tobias said...

Why can't you tell neighbors that you're an American exchange student?

Anika Sellier said...

she's going through a rough divorce and i don't know if it's ok and she doesn't want it to get back to her husband via neighbors and it's his apartment. weird. je sais.