Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Grand School, Pigeons, and Africa

Here are a few pictures so you can get an idea of the type of place in which I am learning.

The Library. It is vast and very inconveniently placed directly behind the study area. Those are two of my friends posing.

The Computer Lab

Full of 3 Computers

The "Centre"

I get lost in it sometimes.
The Hall of Classrooms (4)
Picture Includes: front door, reception area, and a potted plant.

Getting slightly more used to living in Paris. Getting to know the area better and how to keep myself oriented and what have you. Yesterday my friend got pooped on by a pigeon. Really can't avoid that. I can read a map like it's my job though, which is very helpful, but not for avoiding the pigeons. I haven't done any touristy stuff really, but my friends Steph and Kristen from Villanova are going to visit me next weekend (they're studying abroad in London) and we'll do the Eiffel Tower and les jardins (gardens). I'm excited to see them.
We've finished making plans for our travelling adventures we just need to book the actual flights and such. Our destinations of choice are: Florence, London, Spain/Portugal (Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Porto), and Prague. Excited.
My first week of classes went well! I graduated to French Grammar and Conversation 2! It was exciting for everyone, but mostly just me. I am also taking French Cinema, Muslim Presence in Europe, and 19th Cent. French Painting. I really am interested in all the subjects but I may or may not be getting credit for any of them towards core requirements or my major's requirements. I will get credit for electives?
Still making friends, French and American alike, and really just doin' my best. Nightlife is pretty consistant- dinner (at home-cheese, salad, bread, vegetable; at restau- sandwich...), on to a cafe where we have wine, or sometimes to a pub where we have beer. The Latin Quarter is always hopping and we can always find a good time there even when we least expect it (Ex: We passed a pub and heard NSYNC blaring from the doors, so of course we stopped in. 30 minutes and a pint later we're singing karaoke Africa by group Toto with the 30-somethings who came in after work. Fun.)
Questions? Concerns? Let me know.
You know you love me.
XoXo, Paris Girl

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