Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Karaoke Katastrophe

Thursday night Cassie (Villanova) and I returned to the wonderful St. Michel's Pub where karaoke is often found. My experience there previously was amazing and I thought I would share it with other friends. Well... This experience wasn't as amazing.
Cassie and I agree upon Bye Bye Bye by group NSYNC. An obvious choice. Unfortunately, (although it was DEFINITELY listed in the book) they did not have Bye Bye Bye by group NSYNC in their system. I regrouped with with Cassie and we made the next obvious choice Shout by group The Isley Brothers. A sure hit. After a few songs, we're up. We grab the mikes, smiles on our faces, hands at the ready, voices tuned. A few measures overture and the song begins "Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can live without. C'mon, I'm talking to you. C'mon." Yes. Shout by group Tears for Fears.
Obvious dismay ensues. We attempt to do our best, but after the refrain I can go on no longer. I say to the DJ "Ce n'est pas le VRAI Shout" (It is not the true Shout) "C'est l'AUTRE Shout" (It's the OTHER Shout). Quickly, fortunately we think, the song changes to the Isley Brothers rendition and we sing our hearts out. We did the best possible, most enthusiastic version of Shout that was ever performed. Unfortunately, Paris is not familiar with Shout by the group Isley Brothers. We got a few laughs, a few stray "Shout!"s from friends and intoxicated on lookers reading the screen, but mostly we received disinterest.
Yes. We were kicked off mid song.
Yes. We left immediately.
Yes. I returned Saturday night with my Villanova friends and strangley my name was never called to sing the song I Want It That Way by group Backstreet Boys.
Cassie and I serenade each other while others go on unphased.


leanne said...

Its such a shame that Paris can't appreciate "Shout" the way we can...just horrible!

Tobias said...
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Tobias said...

That one guy doesn't look unphased. It looks like he's gagging himself.