Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things I've Been Slacking on...

1. My blog. Sorry.

So many an adventure have transpired since we last spoke.
Another list (a little longer):
1. I went to Strasbourg. A land of meat. Lots of it. There were also nice canals and pretty trees and funny colored buildings with strange gutter systems. Not too exciting other than the German-French architecture and the GIANT Notre Dame de Strasbourg which is pretty breathtaking. It was cold and rainy and not too exciting. BUT before we left we visited a castle- cool. But not as cool as... drum roll please... Monkey Mountain. Yes, that's right. A mountain full of monkeys. And, yes, we did feed them popcorn. And, yes, I tried to make friends with one and when I thought he gave me kissy-lips I found out later that that was the face of aggression. Not friends so much as enemies. Whoops. Took the TGV back to Paris which was neat.

2. My friends Kristen and Steph (Villanova friends) visit from London. Did a lot of touristy things- Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, etc. Fun times had by all.

3. Victor and Wendy Sellier visit Anika Sellier in Paris. Fun. Great food. Great wine. Great times. I think it was the happiest I've been since I've been here when they were with me. I finally got to share my experience with the people I love the most and it meant so much to me! Plus I got a lot of wine that I didn't have to pay for. PS Mom can drink me under the table without blinking.

4. Mid Parent Visit Patrick Michael Murray comes to Paris, France, Europe for his first time. The four of us had a ball. We all had multiple double dates and multiple glasses of wine. We also had "une verre" (a glass... of wine? Not sure.) with my Lady. It was interesting, but fun? After Mom and Dad left Pat and I did the touristy things (again for me for the 3rd/4th times)- top of the Eiffel Tower (at night- 1st for me), Musee D'Orsay, Salvidor Dali Museum, Luxembourg Gardens, etc. Lots of fun and I was quite sad when he left.

5. Went to a crazy club for the first time during my Paris experience and... the last time. Didn't arrive to the club (Showcase, a club for young and often international students) until around 12:30 then left around 5:30 via cab. I was not in top notch state. But on the upside I saw Wall-E in french the day after. It was lovely.

That's all. I'm trying to plan a trip to Normandy for tomorrow right now. Then I'm going to Barcelona then Salamanca (MARY ELIZABETH!) then to Porto, Portugal for our week long break. Can. Not. Wait. Then I'm also trying to book at tripy to London because I found a super cheap flight. WOO! JET SETTING! I'm just trying my best to have fun out... here.

I wish you all could visit me and I could show you everything! Sten and Veronica visit in just a month! I'm really excited about that! Love and miss you all sooo much! Good job on getting on TV!