Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Classes, Scary Nights, and Cheap Flights

It's been a few lonely days in the homestay. I get homesick sometimes because I'm not constantly surrounded by my friends in a hotel, but we're getting used to it. Classes started Monday (yesterday) so it's good to get distracted by that. Classes seem good. I may or may not have been placed in a too easy level of French grammar. I'm working on changing that. We'll see. I have no class Fridays which is spectacular.
My friend Kealan's host mom is gone for the week so she is in her homestay alone. She was kind of scared so I went over yesterday and we made dinner and had a bottle of wine. We then met some other of our friends by Notre Dame where it's hoppin' at night, with shops and cafes and what not. We walked around, a little reluctant to spend money, and people watched. At about 11:30, we decided to call it a night and went back to the metro. Kealan and I took the same line to one destination where we split and took different lines. While on my second line, I get a text from her saying she's being followed by a man. I call her to make sure she's ok. I tell her to just stay on the phone while she walks home. She gets to her stop and she's still on the phone with me and he's still following her.
All of a sudden, the call ends. I call her back- nothing. Again- nothing. Three more times- nothing. I rush to the metro lady behind the window and ask for the number for le police. She asks me what the problem is and I attempt to explain and she does not want to give me the number for some reason, maybe saying they won't be able to help me? I don't know, didn't understand. So I say- Just give me the number please! Finally I get it and call the police after trying Kealan again with no answer. I attempt to explain the situation to the lady on the phone in French= impossible with my bad French, my worry, and walking quickly home. I become frustrated and obviously cry. Finally they get a translator and he helps me out a little. They don't sound very helpful though.
I hang up with the police and call my friend Ben who we had been hanging out with and say "I LOST KEALAN!" and he calmly informs me that he just talked to her and she was safely in her apartment with the door locked and no man. I finally got a hold of her and the police had talked to her and everything and she was fine. She made a couple of turns and lost the man and apparently we just lost service in the first place and we couldn't reach each other because we were both calling each other. This all transgressed over a time period of about 45 minutes. All in all it was the scariest night of my life and I don't know if I will be staying out past 9 anytime soon.

In better news... We found flights to different countries for as cheap as 10 Euros!! It's crazy! We're trying to plan a trip from Paris to Barcelona to Madrid to Porto (Portugal) to Paris and the total cost of the flights is 74 Euros. Ri.dic.u.lous. But it doesn't really matter because the hostels will get us in the end. We're doing our best though! Any tips? Advice?

Download Skype for free. It's free calls computer to computer and we can webcam chat and even calling phones is really cheap from a computer. Download it now. Don't forget about me. Love you all. Sorry this is long.

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Ashley said...

That would happen to you. And those flights are cheap for a reason so they'll charge you for anything extra you might have. Look forward to paying a fee to check a bag or bring on multiple ones, but i'm sure you knew that.

Once when I was volunteering at a homeless shelter, this homeless man told me to carry my keys/a pen in my hand when I walked alone in the dark. If they attacked, he said use the key/pen to gouge their eyes out. Just a thought. thanks for that advice homeless man.